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Today's businesses are very unique.  People of creative minds venture out to make their idea come to life.  Baldwin Systems has the answer.  Our fabrication shop, together with my designs, allow for custom refrigerated systems.  If you need something beyond normal - Baldwin Systems is your answer.  We build to suit your needs!  Milling, lathe and all welding services including stainless steel and aluminum are all available to our customers.

If you think your dreams cannot come true because the system does not exist... THINK AGAIN!

Baldwin Systems designed and fabricated this stainless steel glycol ice cream machine.
From the direct expansion evaporator to the gear assemblies.

If it needs to be heated or cooled, Mark Baldwin can "get it done" for you!  Baldwin Systems takes pride in doing what the other companies only wish for.  We put together systems that work for many years and make quality customers satisfied.  Try Baldwin Systems - you will be delighted - you have my word on that!