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Refrigeration processes have become very complex systems.  These systems are computer controlled and need to be serviced by experienced and trained technicians.  Your refrigeration is your livelihood - do not trust your livelihood to someone that has less experience and responsibility.  To do a proper job, expensive and precision equipment are required to service and install today's systems.  The speciality tools and equipment Baldwin Systems use are state of the art.  Updated and calibrated equipment supplement the ability to do the job right.

So, if you want it done the BEST!

Supermarket Rack System being
 serviced by Baldwin Systems, Inc

• Refrigerant Retrofits
• Supermarkets
• Energy Saving Programs
• Heat Pumps / Geo Thermal
• Food Prep Areas
• Line Chillers
• Humidity Control Systems
• Medium Temp Open Display Cases
• Low Temp Speciality Freezers
• Blast Freezers
• Walk-in Storage Rooms
• Parallel Systems / Tandems
• Custom Fabricated Systems

Systems ranging from light commercial refrigerators to large industrial blast freezing can be taken care of with one service company.  There is no longer a need to call several different companies to service your needs.  Baldwin Systems has the experience for the job!


Custom installations show quality workmanship.